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We Care Award
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Friday, April 07, 2017
A few of our We Care Award winners.
A few of our We Care Award winners.
We have some caring students.

Each Friday we honor students who have received We Care Awards from their teachers.  The qualities the teacher looks for each week are good character, outstanding attitude, remarkable responsibility and amazing effort.  We have many students with these qualities and we are happy to announce the students chosen this week.  

Grade 3: Jayda Wixson, Marshawn Tobola, Jacob Abers, Carly Pascarella, Kelly Chen, Haylin Colella, Zarah Kaber, Jordan Distrola, Sean Ward, Makaylla Kagarise, Anthony Vossler, Troy Kaber, Kearston Chambers, Jadeann Herbert, and Kyleigh Smith. 

Grade 4: Andrew Sprester, Zayli Thompson, Dylan Hendryx, David Skaggs, Madison Costello, Clayton McClintick, Leeha Lamberson, Blake Conner, Carson Bishop, Karysa Custer, Gabriella Anderson and Makayla Welch.

Grade 5:  Jaydon Schwab, Elijah Canfield, Luka Dallenbach, Trenton Gallup, Steven Hensley, Bryan Stubbs, Derek Lyons, Linia Means, Azlyn Compton, Aaron Stack, and Andrew Case.