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We Care Award
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Friday, October 27, 2017
A few We Care Award winners.
A few We Care Award winners.
We have some caring students.

Each Friday we honor students who have received We Care Awards from their teachers.  The qualities the teacher looks for each week are good character, outstanding attitude, remarkable responsibility and amazing effort.  We have many students with these qualities and we are happy to announce the students chosen this week.  

Grade 3: Tressa McDowell, Jace Geist, Lailynne Gillett, Austin Baker, Ethan Keane, Daisy Greene, Michael Murphy, Jocelyn Zamberlan, Brianna Bailey and Jacob Falconi.

Grade 4: Mady Stark, Danalynn McIntyre, Bella Shipman, Shaun VanGorder, Destiny Hervatin, Kyler Hogue, Matthew DeCasper, Kaden Williams, and Emma Bisker.

Grade 5: Katherine Rose, Lindsay Witchen, Dominic Williams, Layla Lamberson, Emma Benson, Larissa Calkins, Katiejo Courteau, Grace Tyler, Marissa Newman, Josh Everetts, Christ Wackwitz, Dale Miller, Bryan Mosher.