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National Geographic Bee
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Thursday, December 22, 2016
Students answer questions during the competition.
Students answer questions during the competition.
Annual competition was held on December 22.


School Street’s annual National Geographic Bee was held on Thursday, December 22, 2016. Thirty-three fourth and fifth grade students competed in the event. After twelve rounds of questioning, there were two remaining finalists who proceeded to the Championship Round. The first place winner was Max Matheson, who was a runner up in last year’s competition. Ava Peterson took second place in a long, competitive Championship Round. Third place went to Gabe Thompson, who was a runner up in last year’s competition.

In January, Max will take a computer test from National Geographic to determine if he qualifies to participate in the Pennsylvania State Geography Bee in April 2017. The national level of the National Geographic Bee will be held in May 2017.

The other classroom representatives were:  Margaret Graffius, Alyssa Worthington, Jon Jasper, Ava Roulo, Alise Newman, Carter Colley, Damian Johnson, Mackenzie Taylor, Katiejo Courteau, Matthew Kohler, Alexis Defilippo, Emma Benson, Owen Manion, Orion Morgan, Ian Pilon, Michael Butler, Wyatt Jordan, Ethan Gould, Madeline Parisella, Rykan Miller, Allen Yeager, Logan Walker, Patrick French, Madison Neel, Connor Cornelius, Max Matheson, Evan Elmore, Xander Miscovish, Austin Tingley,  Jacob Franz, and Angelika Maletta.