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Spelling Bee
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Friday, February 17, 2017
School Finalists
School Finalists
34 School Finalists Competed for the School Championship

Congratulations to our school finalists that competed in our school spelling bee on February 16.  School finalists were Alise Newman, Mackenzie Acor, Sydney Bishop, Kalie Dixon, Brett Geist, Khloe Neely, Sophie Cornelius, Emily Butler, Jaden Taylor, Chelsie Rose, Kendall Gracey-Dalton, Angelika Maletto, Lance Myers, Emma Benson, Kendl Black, Ambrose Rodgers, Jacob Zampogna, Wyatt Burkett, Keegan Hartzell, Mackenzie Taylor, Erik Elmore, Jalen Brown, Maddie Parisella, Jaylee Koppenhaver, Talan Reese, Leyna Easton, Armani Hannahs, Grace Close, Max Matheson, Trinity Langston, and Ava Peterson.

Michael Butler won first place and Zoe Randall-Klouw finished in second place.  Wyatt Jordan was our third place finisher.  

We are proud of all of our finalists as they demonstrated poise and great sportsmanship during the competition.